Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chicago Hawkeyes

Not sure if any of you went to the the Hawkeye football game in Soldier's Field a few years back. The whole place was a sea of yellow. It was a pretty awesome experience, aside from sitting in the north end zone, where we were unable to escape the hot, August sun and got a nice sunburn for our troubles.

Word on the street is that Iowa is returning to Soldier's Field once again to take on Northern Illinois. First game of the season in 2012. I'm definitely going back. I even co-wrote a recap of the experience with fellow TMS bartender and surly old Jew, Chaim Witz. You can vicariously experience the whole thing again here.

Here's your chance to run into all of those frat boys from Iowa City that you just loved. Where else will you ever have a chance to start telling obnoxious stories of their pasts, in front of their wives/girlfriends no less, about their college exploits of cronyism, sodomizing, and cheating on tests. Trust me, I bet all of those Pikes and Sig Eps will just LOVE that shit. ("Hey man, I bet you have your paddle hanging on your wall in the basement, right?! Yeah!! GRRR! JAGER BOMBS!!")

Editor's Note: even though that Herky picture is from the 80's or 90's, you gotta admit that it's killer!

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Anonymous said...

As one of your 2007 co-sufferers of mild alcohol poisoning and an as yet unidentified strain of skin cancer I still have to say...I can't wait to do most of that all over again.