Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Down at Checkered Past

Okay, we're back. Got the ol' binder down to the shop. We got the hood off before I could snap a pic, so you'll just have to imagine it.

A much higher res picture here. You can get a sense for the condition. If you click for a bigger pick you can see a pretty cool Studebaker rat rod in the background.

The flathead, sans intake and exhaust manifolds. Engine plate shown on the firewall. 214 cubic inch, rated at 73 horsepower. RAWR!

Pay no attention to the rusty running board. It never did anything to you.

Almost all the hoist can handle. Had to cut the cross member where it attached to the back of the motor. It had to go anyway.


Aaaaand, it's out.

Remarkably lighter!

Complete with a filthy transmission. We kept the gear shift stick and will put it on the new transmission. Also will reuse the original horn.

A couple of lonely dudes...


Anonymous said...

Hi im the guy who sold you the truck. Im glad to see you are haveing some fun with it and was wondering if you had some more recent photos of it? If so please post some more would love to see how its comeing. Thanks

The Hundley said...

Terry, right? I tried to find your email to show you some pics. Give me your email and I can send you some other pics. Having a blast now that I can drive it. Brakes were a major pain in the ass!!

Anonymous said...

Ya Terry's my dad this is Tanner his son My email is
I can believe the brakes were a problem the truck was parked for ten years in my friends barn, but glad to hear your driveing it. I gess I didnt realize it had a differnt rear end in it and a broken spring I hope that wasnt a big problem. from the photos you have on hear it looks good I like the International valve covers on the chevy motor, kinda makes it look more like it is sopposed to.Thanks again

Chevy HHR cold air intake said...

I can see that this truck has seen better days. Working with this would be exciting and terrific.