Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More From The Garage...

Slowly but surely we're keeping at the restoration. Ordering parts, cleaning old stuff up, telling lies, and drinking a few beers. At this point my mechanical skills are dubious at best, but my trouble-light holding is still on point. Here are some more photos:

Click on the pictures for hi-res views. YOWZA!

305 Chevy small block engine

Freshly degreased and powerwashed. To give the motor a unique look, we decided to put International Harvester valve covers over the top of the Chevy ones.

Custom made motor mount, bottle of Dew.

Well you can't put a Chevy Orange motor in an International, can you? We opted for "International Harvester Red". Sandblasted the old valve covers. Painted up nice! We'll put dummy bolts in the holes to make it look like it's bolted into the heads.

Dummy breathers just to give it a racing engine look. Hoping it will throw people off. Painted the intake a gun metal gray to offset the red and accent the chrome. Will do a chrome air filter, too.

Now, if it was just installed...



Adam said...

I just hope that thing has enough torque for torquefest.

Nick said...

Don't worry about that, Adam. I'll probably take it down to Dale's Service and have it bored out...you can never have too many Clydesdales under the hood, y'know?

CGS intake said...

Yup, that's aggressive. You did well, guys.

Air Intake Kits said...

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